Planting for the Future!

“He who plants trees loves others beside himself.” Thomas Fuller

It was a beautiful spring day in the Park as Heritage Environmental came rolling into the Park ready to work! Following closely in tow to the amazing individuals who donated their time and skills that day, were 15 hardwood trees just begging for a new start in a beautiful setting! Luckily, we were able to provide them with just such a setting as the volunteers and staff worked diligently to transition their sketches into a reality.

heritage environmental team arrives

The trucks and team arrived with 15 hardwoods for planting!

With Earth Day/Arbor Day approaching, our Special Programs Coordinator and Park Director were contacted by Shaun Miller from Heritage Environmental. Heritage Environmental had some trees and labor that they were willing to donate, provided they could track down willing and able recipients. The Park, as beautiful as it is, had already been in discussion about the need to replace foliage throughout in an effort to ensure we were doing our part to maintain our natural and protected environment. As some of you may have noticed, when the lower portion of the Park was constructed, a large amount of trees were planted, and many of them have not fared well over the past three years. After a brief discussion with Miller, it was obvious that both organizations had found each other in time to create a perfect Earth Day celebration.

trees lined up

All lined up and ready for instruction!

From schematics to reality, the Heritage Environmental team and our own Park maintenance and Special Programs Coordinator worked diligently to transform the Park. After a few hours, the trees that no longer thrived in the Park were removed (a moment of silence for them ….) and were replaced with their children!

Bobcat working to prepare site.

Using our equipment, the process went smoothly for all involved!

planting the trees

The Heritage Environmental team getting dirty planting the trees!







What would a day of giving back be without volunteers?! We were lucky enough to recruit Heritage Environmental for this project, but we also were lucky enough to have two others join us on the project! Both Lee and Hadden were active participants in the project, and we couldn’t have been happier about their involvement! A community Park like ours is reliant upon those in the community taking an active role, and to this Director, there is not a sight more rewarding than seeing those community members giving back and taking ownership. With many “Friends of the Parks” groups on the verge of forming, we’ll be calling on all of YOU to help us keep this Park as beautiful as when it first came into being. Moments like this one ….

volunteers planting

… are the reason all of us at the Park do what we do. Whether you stop to pick up a piece of trash, clean up after yourself at a picnic shelter rental, or even fish in our ponds, you are playing a role in helping us to sustain this beautiful piece of wilderness in the middle of an urban setting. It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to give back to Mother Earth, you can help us each and every day by playing an active and positive role when YOU recreate!

With the trees all planted and new relationships forged, it is easy to see that this years’ Planting for the Future day was a huge success! We can’t wait to have Heritage Environmental back out to the Park next year so that we can continue to give back to Mother Earth – after-all she is unequivocally deserving! Thank you to all of those involved in this project, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

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